The Legend of Zelda Midi´s

Here are some "unmixed" Zelda Midis. If you want "mixed ones", Click Here. I try to include as many game midis as possible. Got any contributes? Just E-mail me! The midis are in no real order, cause I'm lazy ^^ 

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time original midis

Bolero of Fire

Boss theme

Ending theme from ocarina of Time
Sent in by sacredganon, corrected in placement by Jonathan Raypole

Ice Cavern theme

Ganondorf Battle Theme
Sent in by

 Ganondorf  Theme
 Sent in by sacredganon

Gerudo Valley theme

Hyrule Field

Koume and Kotakes theme

Kokiri Forest theme

Lost Woods theme

Minigame Theme
  Sent in by sacredganon 

Minuet of Forest

Nocture of Shadow

Prelude of Light

Requiem of Spirit

Serenade of Water

Shieks theme

Song of Storm

Sun Song

Song of Time

Windmill theme

Zelda64 Intro

Zelda64 Horse Race

Zoras Domain


Miscellaneous The Legend of Zelda linked midis

Castle theme

Credits theme

DarkWorld theme

Fairy theme

Fairy Extended mix

A Hero's Litany 
Sent in by
Jonathan Raypole

Last Temple theme

Link´s House theme 

Lost Woods theme

OverWorld theme

Pendant theme

SSBM - Hyrule Castle theme
Sent in by
Jonathan Raypole

Triforce theme

Water theme

Wind Fish theme

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask midis

Clocktown Theme 
 Sent in by

Deku Castle Theme
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Happy Mask Man
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Milkbar Theme
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Observatory theme
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Stone Tower theme remix
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