Craftworlds and Hivefleets

Tycho went in at least 70,000 kph, when Craftworld Plankian was to be seen on the monitor. Even though it was created by Eldarain hand (they have a very superior technology, even with the standards off this Galaxy), it was HUGE. The Craftworld had the size of the Earths moon. The Craftworld glittered with a silvery light when the beams of Kadoria, the name off the sun in this solar system, hit it. The Eds were transfixed by it, but with different reasons.
"Way big!" Ed said.
"It looks like a giant quarter." (I donīt need to say which one said this)
"Itīs a masterpiece of craftmanship. How many do you think lives on it?" Double D asked.
"A billion or so?" Eddy tried.
"No, you may think so of the size of it, but the fact is that only about 50 million Eldar inhabit it. Theyīre a dying race, but theyīll protect Callidus until death if so nessesary." Double D said with a slight sadness in his voice.

Suddenly, they radio frazzled a bit, but then a voice could be heard:
"Incoming ship, identify yourself!"
Eddy switched on the speaker button and said:
"Captain Eddy and his men aboard the Thunderhawk-class destroyer Tycho. Got a problem with that?"
"No, not at all." the voice answered. "Weīre only taking precautions because some Hive Fleet ships has been known to cloak themselves as human freighters and battleships."
With a sudden klonking noise, Tycho was slowed down and moved at straight line against a docking port on the Craftworld. Ed instinctivly let go of the controls.
"Whatīs happening?" he cried.
"Weīre taking you in with a tractor-beam. Just calm down." the voice said and then the radio went dead.
Strangely, for Double D, he was as calm as a summer breeze. He just sat back and enjoyed the ride. Eddy and Ed looked at Double D and then on each other. After that, they also leaned back in the seats and relaxed.

20 minutes later, Tycho stood on the landing pad in one off the many hundreds that were on Craftworld Plankian. Before they went out of Tycho, Ed took a sneak look on the outside. He couldnīt belive his own eyes. On the outside, he saw hundreds of Eldar Guardians standing in attention with their rifles at their shoulders. Ed turned round and looked at Double D, who in turn looked on him with a look that said: "Are you going to open the door today?"
"Are you sure about this Double D?" Ed asked.
"The Eldar are a dying race, but yet, they arenīt stupid. They wouldnīt kill the servants off the Emperor, it would be suicide." Double D said calmly. "Before we go out in another battle, Iīll learn you all the names of the Hive Fleets minions."
"Okay." Ed said and with a hissing noise the door opened.
The Eds went out of the ship and were met by a warrior clad in some green armour. He bowed deeply before them. Eddy noticed he had a chain-sword, even slimmer then the ones used by the Sisters of Battle. The warrior also had a smaller version off the rifles the Guardians used, and a couple of small guns mounted on his helmet in height with his mouth.
"Iīm Sirius, Exarch of the Striking Scorpions. Iīll lead you to my leader, Warlock Jimmy."
"Jimmy?" Eddy said quietly to himself, but Sirius heard him.
"You know him?" Sirius asked.
"No, it just seems familiar."
"Itīs strange why he is a Warlock acctually. Heīs half human, but with psychic powers that far succeds a human Lexicanum." Sirius said. He felt the angry look he got from Double D. Sirius shuddered a bit. He knew human Lexicanums werenīt to play with.
By now they had reached a seperate room. Room and room. It was acctually a big hall with about 7 metres to the roof or what you could call it.
"Stay here. Warlock Jimmy will come and meet you soon." Sirius said and left.

And very soon it was, because just after Sirius had left them alone, Warlock Jimmy appeared like from nowhere. Double D, who knew the rules of honour among the Eldar, bowed deeply against him. Ed and Eddy did the same. Warlock Jimmy just looked at them. Was these the warriors that the Emperor had scanned the universe off?
Warlock Jimmy, who was clad in a robe which was white with two red circles with a dot each in them and under the circles, a blue line that looked like a smiling mouth. The garment under the robe was in some wood-brown colour, and the face then.
He looked exactly like Jimmy minus the brace.
"Oh well." Warlock Jimmy thought to himself. "It could be worse, he could have sent Orks."
"Why are you here?" he asked the Eds.
"Weīre here on the behalf off the Emperor. Weīre assigned to destroy Hive Fleet Kanker and..." Double D began.
"Hive Fleet Kanker?" the Warlock interuppted. "Then you have come to the wrong planet. Commissar Rolf and Farseer Johnnyski protects this planet against both the threat from the Hive Fleet and the hordes of Dark Legionaries sent forth by Lord Kevlinn."
"But we thought that you could help us?" Double D asked.
"Weīre a dying race!!" Warlock Jimmy shouted. "Why should we help you with our allready depleeted ranks?!"
The Warlock seemed very upset.
Eddy loosed his patience. He couldnīt bear the thought that someone that looked so much like Jimmy, could get so angry. And on Double D too, who just had been polite.
"Now you listen to me, Warlock Jimmy!!" Eddy shouted. He was outraged. "Here we travel a thousand lightyears, from a distant planet you donīt even know the name of. Weīre put into the hard work it is to defend a entire solar system! And when weīre half done, you deny us help!! What if we three die!? Then itīs good bye to your entire solar system!!"
By now, Eddy had walked forth and were lifting Warlock Jimmy up high in the air. Eddy was foaming with rage.
"Put my best Warlock down, Captain Eddy!!"
The voice came from Farseer Johnnyski himself. Eddy turned his head and looked right at the Farseer.
"You heard me." Johnnyski said.
Eddy put Warlock Jimmy down.
"No worries Farseer. I think I deserved that. I didnīt notice that I was insulting a Lexicanum." Warlock Jimmy said and looked at Double D.
"Youīll have to train on feeling the presence of other human psykers. After all, youīre half human right?" Johnnyski asked.
"Right." Warlock Jimmy said and looked at his feet.
"Now please leave us alone."
"Yes, sir." Warlock Jimmy said and left.
Farseer Johnnyski followed the Warlock with his eyes as he left.
Johnnyski himself, was dressed up in a garment and a robe with the same wood-brown colour that Warlock Jimmy had on his garment. He also had small Plank faces randomly spread out over both garment and robe. It looked pretty weird. He looked like Johnny in his face, but his ears were a bit pointy.
"Is Eldar another word for Elf, Double D?" Eddy asked whispering.
"Yes, it is." Double D replied.
"Just ignore Warlock Jimmy, heīs a bit grumpy since the Hive Fleet showed its ugly face." Johnnyski said in a calm voice.
"Lexicanum, donīt bother of what he said. Of course weīll help you in your quest. But Warlock Jimmy was right on one spot. Youīve come to the wrong place."
"But, which planet is the Hive Fleetīs main base then?" Double D asked.
"Itīs not one off the planets in this solar system at least. The most off the planets are now being freed by the Space Marine Legions." Eddy said.
"Youīre right there Captain. The base isnīt in this solar system. At least not the one the humans have discovered. The main base is on a distant planet called "Saim Hann"." the Farseer said.
"Not another iceworld." Ed sighed heavily.
"In fact, it isnīt an iceworld at all. No one knows how, but itīs a jungle-world with a daily temprature of 26 degrees Celsius. The palace the Hive Queens inhabit is located on an open field."
Johnnyski took a small pause and looked at Double D.
"Yes, weīll take you there in one off our many cruisers. And Saim Hann means Green Death."
"Heh, you read my thoughts." Double D said.
"Youīre an open minded Lexicanum, but donīt let an enemy psyker read your thoughts. They reveal where you are."
"I wonīt let anyone read my thoughts in the future." Double D said.
"How long will it take you to rally some troops that we can use as an assault force?" Eddy asked.
"2 hours." the Farseer replied.
"Which ship are we going with and who leads your troops?" Ed asked.
"Galactica, docking bay 6, and Warlock Jimmy leads the force." Johnnyski said as he went away from them. "Remember, you have 2 hours to get to the cruiser. But if the Guardians are willingly today, maybe only 1 hour."
The Eds stood there a while and then Sirius appeared again.
"Come on, Iīll show you to docking bay 6." he said and so they walked off against the docking bays.

Battlecruiser Galactica, what a enourmous sight it was, and I do mean enourmous.
Even though it hadnīt landed on Plankian, I could say it was the size of a city. And that was only the length. Because of the wings on it, it must have been at least a couple of kilometres wide. And at least the same in height. It was painted in the same wood-brown colour that both Warlock Jimmy and Farseer Johnnyski had on their robes. Now firstly it went up for the Eds why Plank was missing.
He was the Craftworld. And a Farseer seldom leaves his Craftworld. It also explained the colour-scheme of the Craftworld. Wood-brown with different markings symbolising squad and rank.
"This is getting weirder and weirder." Eddy said.
"Maybe it is, but I donīt care." Double D replied softly as they went aboard Calactica.

When they got into the cruiser(they were still led by Sirius), they took a lift up to the control- room. It was an awesome sight. Instead of stearing the cruiser "by hand", so to speak, it was controlled by the thoughts of Eldar. In the middle of the control-room, a huge crystal were standing on the floor. It glowed with a inner light and a lot of wires was connected to it.
"Double D, you who are so good on technical things and stuff, whatīs that?" Eddy asked and pointed at the crystal.
"Itīs like the reactor-core for the entire ship, but it isnīt radioactive. Itīs the minds and souls of dead Eldar. I belive itīs called Spirit-stones." Double D said and gazed at the thing.
"Itīs another mastership produced by the Eldar and their superior technology."
"And your soul can be sucked out if you gaze at it for too long." Warlock Jimmy said as he got on board. Double D turned round hastily.
"Just kidding." Warlock Jimmy said and took Double D on the shoulder-pad.
"I like to pull that joke to new recruits. It always scares them a lot."
"Not funny." Double D said with a look that was full of fright.
Eddy and Ed had a hard time trying not to laugh at Double D, who was so clumsy that he fell for that trick.
Warlock Jimmy went over to one of the control panels that was used only when loading and unloading of the cruiser was eminent. He picked up three headsets, and gave them to the Eds.
"These are your only communication with each other out on the battle field. And the same goes for when youīre in the palace of the Hive Queens." he said and went to one of the many other Eldar in the control-room. He spoke to him:
"Prepare the engiens for maximum speed. Destination: Saim Hann."
The driver looked at Warlock Jimmy with a scared look. He knew what awaited them.
"You heard me."
The driver did as he was told and nervously ignited the engiens. The giant cruiser slowly moved away from Plankian and turned round.
Then, with a boom, Calactica flew away in high speed against Saim Hann, home of Hive Fleet Kanker.

Saim Hann was very far away indeed. Even at maximum speed, it took Galactica, the fastest cruiser in the solar system, four hours to get into orbit of Saim Hann.
As they got into orbit, Warlock Jimmy went and told Eddy to gather his men and get ready.
"Arenīt you coming with us?" Eddy asked.
"No Captain, Iīm not." Warlock Jimmy responded. "I have to stay onboard this ship and make sure you wont get harassed by any of the Hive Fleets many cruisers."
"Oh, and whoīs leading the forces on the ground?"
"Sirius is. Now, where are your friends."
"My Sergeant and my Lexicanum? Last I saw them, Lexicanum Edward was learning Sergeant Ed about the Hive Fleets many soldiers."
"Well, find them and tell them to get to one off the drop-ships."
"Donīt worry, I will." Eddy said and so went of to find Ed and Double D.
He soon found them. They were sitting by a computer and Double D was learning Ed about the many species that were the Hive Fleet.
"The Carnifexes are like a living version off our War Walkers. It also has the irritating habit to spray itīs victims with some concentrated acid."
Double D turned round and saw Eddy.
"Hi Eddy. I was just learning Ed about some off the Hive Fleets many races."
"Yep." Ed agreed.
"Are you sure Ed understands anything of what you say?" Eddy asked.
"Of course he does. He may be simple but not completly braindead." Double D said, trying to convince Eddy that Ed had some sort of brain.
"Whatever. Hey, Warlock Jimmy told us to get into one of the drop-ships. Weīd better get going."

On the way to the drop-ships, they met with Sirius again. He was informing a squad of young Striking Scorpions about their mission.
"I hope you all know what awaits us on Saim Hann? You do? Good." Sirius said to the soldiers.
"Exarch Sirius, the Space Outlaws are here. Do they fight on our side?" one of the soldiers asked.
"Well..." Sirius began, but he hadnīt time to say more before Eddy ended his sentence.
"Yes, weīre on your side. And we are going to make sure the Hive Fleet doesnīt bother you any more."
The Striking Scorpion soldiers looked greatful upon hearing this.
"Now," Sirius said,"get into your drop-ship. Iīll join you later."
The soldiers ran away to the drop-ship that was assigned to them. As they were gone, Sirius turned his attention upon the Eds.
"So you found out that Iīm leading the attacking force."
"Sort of." Eddy said. "Iīm just wondering, do we have any support, like tanks?"
"Yes, in fact, we have a lot of armoured support."
"Where?" Ed asked.
Sirius showed them to a special part of the docking bays on Galactica. It was the "garage" for the Eldarain grav-tanks. A grav-tank is a heavily armed and armoured hovercraft. The Eds just stood paralysed upon the sight of the grav-tanks. The grav-tanks also went in the same pattern of colours as the Guardians. They were getting readied for transportation in drop-ships. The grav-tanks all looked the same, except a few, who had, instead of a big laser-cannon, a giant blue crystal. It glowed with a soft light.
"I think we understand." Eddy said and turned round and went to their drop-ship. Ed and Double D followed.
They werenīt completly alone on the drop-ship. They were sharing it with three companies of Guardians. With other words, the drop-ships werenīt so small. About the size of a jumbo-jet.

The drop-ships shot out of the cruiser and went down into Saim Hanns atmosphere. It was a bit bumpy, but when they entered the real air, Double D said to Eddy:
"I should tell you that I recived orders from the Emperor himself, that weīre not allowed to kill the leaders."
"What?" Eddy asked shocked.
"Itīs true, our mission now is to get them back to normal. That means that we have to turn them back into the Sisters of Battle they once were."
"And how is that supposed to be done, if I may ask?"
"By psychic means." Double D answered and pointed at his forehead.
"Oh boy." Eddy sighed.
"I can see the ground from here!" Ed shouted as he looked out of one of the windows.
"I belive that weīre going to land on a field not far from the base that is the Hive Fleetīs main HQ." Double D said as he also looked out.

With a thump the drop-ships landed on the field. They had been cloaked to avoid notification from the Hive Fleet. All drop-ships were fastly unloaded and the attack force formed up and marched away.
Sirius led all the Aspect Warriors and grav-tanks, while the Eds were in the lead of the Guardian companies. They had made up a plan that Sirius was going to lead the first attack wave and break a hole in the front line, so the Eds and the Guardian Storm squads could get into close combat and take out the most dangerous Hive Fleet soldiers like Carnifexes and Hormagaunts with support fire from the grav-tanks and the Aspect Warriors armed with Plasma cannons.
And while the Guardians were occupying the "bugs", the Space Outlaws would find a way into the abanded old Eldarain base. It was risky, but it was the only way.
Sirius and his force had droven away when the Eds and their force began marching. After they had marched for a while, Double D turned round and said to the Guardians:
"Keep on marching against the base, me and my comrades are just going to check something." Double D then went off against another part of the field. Ed and Eddy followed.
Suddenly, Double D stopped, and pointed towards what looked like a flock of Hive Fleet soldiers.
They looked like the Genestealers, but they were smaller and didnīt have hands, just big claws.
"What are those called,Ed?" Double D asked.
"Theyīre called...Horm,..Hormagaunts." Ed said as he remembered what Double D had told him about them.
"Yes, and when not in "duty" in the Hive Fleet, they live in big flocks, like this."
"Heh," Eddy said nervously. "theyīre flocking this way."
The Eds turned tail and fled against the Guardians.
When the Guardians saw the "mighty" Space Outlaws fleeing from the Hormagaunts, instead of turning tail and flee, they lowered their rifles and took aim against the Hormagaunt flock. And fired a hail of laser-shots at the flock. All the Hormagaunts were taken out.
Unfourtunatly, one of the shots went wrong and hit Double D in his left leg. Double D fell handless against the ground. He landed with a thump, and a small dust cloud rised up from were heīd fallen.
Ed and Eddy turned round and ran back and helped Double D to his feet, but to no avail. He was to badly wounded.
"Itīs no use Eddy." Ed said.
"Ed, Iīm not leaving one off my two best friends to die on a distant planet!" Eddy shouted with panic in his voice. He was afraid of loosing his best friend.
"Ed is right." Double D gasped. "But I wont die, Eddy. Itīs a mere flesh wound."
After saying that, Double D took out a small syringe from a bag he had hanging beside his sword.
He lifted up his arm and with a powerful beat, he sent the needle of the syringe right through the armour. Double D grinned when the syringe pierced his skin and sent the fluid into his blood.
Half a minute later, Double D stood up and walked away against the Guardians. Ed and Eddy looked at him with a confunded look. Double D noticed and turned round and said:
"What are you waiting for? We have a battle to win."
Eddy thought over this for a while, then he said:
"Yeah, youīre right! Letīs kick some Hive Fleet butt."
The Guardian force, led by the Space Outlaws, marched on to the field were the battle stood.

When the Eds and their Guardian force arrived, they saw the might of the Hive Fleet for the first time in their lives.
Hormagaunts and Carnifexes ripped Aspect Warriors apart without pity or care. The small, flying Gargoyles came swooping in and spurted a cloud of fire over some poor Guardians at the back of the Space Outlaws force. Both Guardians and Space Outlaws noticed, and the Guardians shot down the Gargoyles.
So did the Eds too, but as they hadenīt the same weapons as the Guardians, they used another method.
Ed took his bolter and gave the Gargoyles a taste of the bolter-shells.
Double D took down 3 Gargoyles with one shot, as the Plasma gun has the nasty habit to cover a wide area.
Eddy took careful aim and shot away a couple of greneades, who perfectly landed in the mouth of the Gargoyles.
With this threat out of the way, the Guardians seperated from the Space Outlaws and went for a big flock of Termagants (small things, a real threat in big numbers) with a couple of Carnifexes to support them.
The Space Outlaws made haste to the base, as this was their mission. When the Space Outlaws reached the main entrance, Double D tried to break the code to the main entrance. But to no use.
"I canīt break the code-lock" Double D said.
"Stand back!" Eddy shouted.
Ed and Double D backed off and saw when Eddy loaded his Grenade Launcher, and fired off.


There was a big hole where the main entrance used to be. The Eds stepped into the base, and had a look around.
"What sort of grenades did you use, Eddy?" Double D asked.
"Krak grenades." Eddy replied as he looked round a corner.
"Letīs split up and search."
"Good idea." Double D said and so they split up to search for where the leaders could be.
Ed went to the right hallway, Eddy to the one in the middle and Double D to the one on the left.

We begin with seeing Sergeant Ed walking and silently talking to himself. Probably to instill himself with some courage.
"This place really spooks me out. It looks like a scene directly out of Aliens. Same pattern on the walls. WOAH!"
Sergeant Ed disappears out sight. Downwards.

"Oh my." Double D says to himself as he looks on a chamber with crystal-walls. The floor is covered in some slimy goo.
"I have to tell Eddy and Ed about this."

"What a hole." Ed says as he looks downwards. He clutches to the edge of where he falled down.
"Iīm glad I have the reflexes of a Space Outlaw."
Ed grabs the edge with his other hand and pulls himself up. Then he hears the headset frazzle a bit.

"Umf. Dead end." Eddy says as he walks up against a wall and push on it.
"I hope Ed and Double D have had more luck." Then, Eddy heared the same frazzle from his headset.
"Eddy! Ed! You have to get to where I am. I think I struck jackpot."
"Roger that Double D. Did you hear him Ed?" Eddy asked.
"Yah." he heared Ed answer in the headset.
"Letīs go then. Over and out." Eddy said turned the headset off.

Ed and Eddy met with Double D and they started walking into the room. When they got into the middle, they heared a low giggling.
"I know that giggle." Eddy said frightened. "Kankers."
"Well, well, well." a voice similar to Lees said. "What do we have here?"
"Looks like Space Marines, Leesha." a voice like Maries said.
"They donīt have legion-markings. They canīt be Space Marines." a voice like Mays said.
"You have a point there, Mayska." the voice called Leesha said.
"Then their theyīre Space Outlaws!" Maries voice said.
"Youīre right Marieschi!" Leesha said and so three figures emerged out of the shadows.
(I canīt really begin telling you what they looked like, it would destroy the excitement. Check the picture that goes with this story if you wanna know.)
"LETīS KILL THEM!!" Leesha roared.
"That was a new one." Eddy said quietly.
"Iīll take the good-looking Lexicanum." Marieschi said.
Double D gulped and turned tail and fled, followed by a fast, agile shadow.
"Iīll take the Sergeant!" Mayska shouted.
Ed put the Jump Pack on maximum and flew upwards. Mayska followed.
"That leaves the Terminator Captain to me." Leesha said and grinned.
"Uh oh." Eddy said silently.
"Donīt be afraid of me." Leesha said softly. "If you donīt fight against, Iīll make your end fast and painful."
With that, "she" leaped on Eddy and began wrestling him.
Eddy had some help thank to the Terminator-armours exo-sceleton. He also knew that using his Grenade Launcher this close could only result in getting them both killed.
His only weapon was the Lightning Claws. He turned them on one unguarded moment.
Leesha was very big indeed. Twice the size of Eddy. Tail excluded. But, then again, Eddy is a rather short Space Outlaw.
"Prepare to meet your creator!" Eddy shouted and threw Leesha off him.
Leesha flew into the wall on the other side of the room. She just shook her head and stood up.
"Nice trick. Commander Dante tried the same before I killed him."
"You wont get that sort of sport out of me." Eddy said jumped on her.
Leesha was quick in her moves and catched Eddy in the air. They stood pressing sword against Lightning Claws and heads close to each other, looking into each others eyes (Sorta).
Suddenly, Leeshas tail came from nowhere and bit deeply into Eddyīs chest-plate. Eddy acted quick. He took a firm grip on the tail and ripped it off Leeshaīs body. She screamed with pain as she staggled backwards and fell to the ground.
"I hope I didnīt kill her. The Emperor wanted them alive." Eddy thought to himself.
Then, before his eyes, the armour that had been around Leesha disappeared. It just melted away.
The melting Hive Fleet armour revealed the same armour that the Sisters of Battle wore. She moved slightly on her head.
"Good. Sheīs not dead." Eddy thought. "I wonder how Ed and Double D is doing?"

"Come out, come out, where ever you are?" Mayska said as she searched for Sergeant Ed high up in the air.
She flapped he dragon like wings slowly, almost floating forward.
Ed, the poor shum, hid on a platform,behind a corner. If he was to fly, Mayska would hear him. The fusion-motor in the Jump Pack is pretty noisy.
He heared Mayska come closer and he unsheeted his Power-sword. A Power-sword is not to play with, as it can cut through stone without any problems.
He looked at the Power-sword for a while and then concentrated on locating Mayska.
"Come on, where are you." she said as she flew closer to Edīs hiding spot.
Ed got a confident look on his face and then said a classic Ed-phrase:
"Prepare to be termanated, Solar scum!!"
He flew around the corner and engaged Mayska in mid-air close combat.
Ed was quick in his assault, but Mayska reacted just as quick. She struck with her arm and Sergeant Ed felt a surge off pain through his body.
Mayskaīs Claw Whip had cut itself deeply into Edīs Power Armour. Mayska thought sheīd got him, but no. As Ed said earlier, he had the reflexes of a true Space Outlaw, so he turned the thrusters on his Jump Pack to maximum, and made a mid-air summersault.
This was so sudden, that Mayska hadnīt time to react. The Claw Whip followed Ed round a he ended his summersault behind her.
Quicker then thought, Ed had taken the whip out of his armour and twisted Mayskaīs wings together. After that, he ripped the wings off with a powerful jerk.
Mayska falled screaming downwards, fragments of her Hive Fleet armour falling off as she plumented down. Ed dove after with the Jump Pack at max, and catched her just before she hit the ground. Ed landed softly and walked off to where Eddy was, with Mayska in his arms.

"Feel my Force sword, Hive Fleet scum!!" Double D roared as he made an attack against Marieschi.
She avoided it easily with a simple stroke with one of her giant claws. The other claw gave Double D a hard hit in his face. He staggered backwards to regain some sence. Then he made a new attack, but harder this time. Marieschi avoided it just as easily.
"You know, youīre really pitful. I thought a Lexicanum fought with greater wits then that." Marieschi said and looked at Double D.
He was no pretty sight at all. He was breathing hard and was knocked black and blue in his face.
"As you wish." Double D said and made a quick roll forward.
He was like a king-size bowling-ball. He knocked Marieshi off the floor. She landed with a thump on the floor.
In a mere milli-second, Double D was on his feet again and stood with his Force sword aimed against Marieschiīs head. When she turned round she got the tip off it right at her nose.
"Ok, you win." she said frightened.
"Good." Double D said and turned his back against her.
"Stupid. Really stupid." Marieschi said and leapt on Double D from behind.
But she missed. Double D easily sidestepped her attack and grabbed her giant claws that she had on the back.
"Gottcha!" Double D said and ripped the claws off her.
Marieschi screamed as her Hive Fleet armour began melting. Soon she lay unconcious on the floor. She wore the same Sisters of Battle armour as Mayska and Leesha. Double D lifted her up, and carried her away to Eddy and Ed.

"Whereīs Double D? Have you seen him Ed?" Eddy asked as Ed showed up, carrying Mayska.
"Nope. But I think heīs okay." Ed said.
"Why do you think so?"
"Because here he comes."
That was right. Double D came walking with an unconcious Marieschi on his back. He walked past his friends.
"Where you going?"Eddy asked.
"Outside." Double D responded. "We need to get to the drop-ship fast."
"It feels like somebody just read my thoughts again."
"I agree on getting out of this place quickly, but I donīt think anybody read your thoughts, Double D."
"Maybe youīre right Eddy."
"Of course I am. Have I ever misled you?" Eddy said as they walked out.
"Yes." Ed and Double D said in unision.
"Ok, forget what I said."
The Space Outlaws didnīt take notice of the wood-brown figure on one of the platforms. The firgure just got an angry look on itīs face, and then disappeared in a blue light.

"Ahh, fresh air!" Eddy said and inhaled when they got outside.
"If you think that the smell of rotting and decaying corpses is fresh." Double D responded holding his nose.
"See it from the bright side Double D. The sun is shining. The birds are singing."
"Does birds whistle only in one tone?" Ed asked.
"No, Ed, they donīt." Double D answered.
"Then, whoīs whistling?" Eddy said and looked up in the sky.
Eddy got a shocked look on his face.
"COVER!!!" Eddy screamed.

Then the battlefield was swept in a firestorm. This is the last the Eds remebered of Saim Hann.