Imperial Quotes of Fame


 “There will be a great slaughter,

 With all dead but one.

 He carries the Legacy and the Sword,

 [and] he is the son of the Wolf, the Slayer.

 Do not search for him,

 He will come to you.”

 --Master Lexicanum McKenzie’s prophesy of

 the Coming of the Deamonslayer, attributed to

 Commissar General Amadeus Chomaki.


 “A commissar must learn many things, and one of the most important

  is to lie truthfully.”

  --Commissar General Amadeus Chomaki.


 “There are things worse than traitors, but they aren’t many.”

  --Grand Commander Dante, Death Angels Space Marines.


 “Remember this, Neophytes! The bolt gun is your friend, your best friend.

  Treat it respectfully and it will reward you. That means, clean ‘em regularly!”

  --Lieutenant Commander Charleston.


 “What can your so-called Emperor offer, that Khorne can’t grant me eightfold?”

  --Berzerker Lord Kevlinn.


 “A good commander knows where leadership ends and friendship and care takes


  --Grand Commander McGranth.


 “I serve the God-Emperor with sweat and blood; my own, my men’s and the enemy’s.”

  --Commissar General Rolf Yarrick.


 “My many years in the Imperial Guard has taught me many things. Amongst them is that

  somewhere in a battle, respect for authority means nothing and friendship means everything.”

  --Commissar Sebastian Yarrick.


 “A political officer must always remain neutral, no matter what happens. He shall approach a

  problem objectively. Ordinary officers and soldiers will takes this for heartlessness, but we Imperial

  Commissars will know we are serving for the better of the Imperium… No matter who we

  will have to shoot!”

  --Commissar General Timoschenko.


 “Humans are fragile creatures. They need to become tougher. That’s why I exist.”

  --Hive Magus Grimjaw.


 “What protocol and agenda I use for my battle-plans? To tell you the truth, most of the time I

  make things up as I go.”

  --Commissar General Rolf Yarrick


 “I like barrage weapons. Sloppy aim doesn’t matter much.”

  --Lieutenant Commander Charleston.


 “Consider me your worst nightmare.”

  --Hordwulf Le’man to Karzhan.


 “The present is ever-changing, like the future. The only thing we know for absolute certain is

  what has happened, the past.”

  --Master Lexicanum McKenzie.


 “War doesn’t reward patience by rule. So be aggressive and be an opportunist.”

  --Grand Commander McGranth.


 “The Imperium of Man has but one weakness: ignorance. And that is towards it’s own servants.”



 “You call me traitor, alas you haven’t even seen half of what I’ve seen. I have gazed into the Well

  of Time and I have seen what will become of Humanity should we acquire universal peace. Believe

  me, it is not a pretty sight…”

  --Berzerker Lord Kevlinn.


 “The most fatal mistake a leader and officer can make is to underestimate your foe.”

  --Commissar General Chomaki.


 “Humanity has many lethal weapons in its arsenal. But an often overlooked choice in our arsenal

  is humour. To make fun out of your enemy is just as effective as to wage war against him.”

  --Commissar Sebastian Yarrick.



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