A small mistake I made on the Yarricks 

What follows here was what I wrote on the Ed,Edd n Eddy Zone Message Board, but I think nobody read. It considers the Yarrick family and a small mistake I made concerning them genealogical. The funny is that I didnīt notice this myself, and Iīm the author, until just a few weeks ago (Iīm writing this in the end of december 2000). So here follows what I discovered: 

What I noticed as I read Commissar Rolfīs data file, was that it said Sebastian was the son of Frederick Yarrick, a commissar. 
But thatīs wrong. Sebastian was the son of James Yarrick, who was a captain in the Imperial Guard. 
James was crippled by a fragmentation grenade under a mission, and he was (without spoiling too much) 
shot by Commissar Rolf Yarrick, his father, to relieve him of his pain. Six months after that, Sebastian was 
born and Rolf Yarrick more or less ordered Frederick to take care of Sebastian and late Jamesī wife, Cecil 
(born Cecil Tyler). 
Rolf Yarrick had retired after Jamesī death, and was thus no longer governor over Armageddon (which heīd given the 
power to a family named von Strab. (Check www.Armageddon3.com to find out more of this family)) and the 
control of the XXVII Callidus Guardsmen was given to an ordinary general. But his retirement wasnīt going to last for 
long (It as nominal, one could say) as Frederickīs home was attacked by Berzerkers, with no real reason. 
Frederick sent away Cecil with the little Sebastian to Rolf Yarrick, and faced the Berzerkers alone.
Frederick was of course killed, but Cecil lived and got to Rolf. Rolf didnīt like it at all and got his old gear back down from the attic, polished it up a bit, and the day after, he went back to the Commissariat and reported for duty. After that, he moved with Cecil 
and the 3 months old Sebastian to Armageddon. They lived there until Sebastian was three years old and his 
mother was murdered by Gangers from the Underhive.( A Hive is a giant city. Armageddon was (is) a Hive planet, and has 8 Hive cities) 
Rolf decided to move back to Callidus, as it was calmer than Armageddon, and he taught Sebastian in the same way 
as a commissar is trained and teached. The Schola Progenium (which takes care of orphans and trains them to 
commissars) of course wanted Sebastian, but Rolf said he would make the best commissar ever of Sebbie, and there 
certainly was something in what Rolf said. 
Rolf was killed by Kharn when Sebastian was 15 and after that, McKenzie took over. Sebastian did though go to the 
Schola Progenium sometimes when McKenzie didnīt have the time. And I hope that clears this all up. 
Yes, you read right above here, Kharn killed Yarrick. But the soul still lived on and that counted very much for 
Kharn. But the story of the death of Commissar Rolf Yarrick is another, and I hope you want me to do it.

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