Imperial Panther's color schemes and chapter badges

The Imperial Panthers is as said earlier, not completely organized as the Codex: Astartes suggests. Their badges and markings are also very unlike that of many chapters, but with likenesses to some. Confusing? Much things in the 41st millennia are confusing. 

To tell you the truth, I was inspired by the Salamanders way of changing chapter badge for each company, with 1st and 2nd sharing the 'real' chapter badge. I wanted to take this even further, with marking for Command squads, Tactical squads etc... Below you'll see the different chapter markings of each company. Note that 1st and 10th share the same badge. Those of you to remember the time when each company had a different trim-color on their shoulder pads may recognize the system. Below that can be found the squad markings and color schemes for ordinary marines, 1si company marines and Terminators and Scouts. The storm bolter and bolt gun colors will also be placed here.

Company Chapter Markings

1st and 10th Comp.

2nd Comp.

3rd Comp.

4th Comp. 5th Comp. 6th Comp. 7th Comp. 8th Comp. 9th Comp.

Squad Markings

 Elite Squad Command Squad Tactical Squad Assault Squad Devastator Squad

Color Scheme of the Imperial Panthers

(Contains both drawings and photos)

Terminator of 1st Company
Space Marine of 1st Company (Elite)
Space Marine of 2nd Company (Change chap. badge for other company 3rd-9th)
Scout from 10th Company
1st Company Storm Bolter, Stygies pattern
Brother Captain Verron Iraguas of the 1st Company [back view of cloak]

The Imperial Panthers 

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