Lieutenant Commander Charleston 

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 Edmund Charleston was born in one of the best known and loyal of all Space Marine families. He was destined to become a great warrior from birth and he early showed proof of his super-human strength. One little problem was that he wasn't very bright.  At least people thought so about him. The truth was that he just didn't think in a linear fashion. He was sort of a master on finding unbelievable answers to unreasonable questions. 
 The Charleston family was renowned for giving the strongest and tallest marines through time, and Charleston was no exception. When he became Lieutenant Commander it was said he was able to lift a Rhino tank with his hands (and that without his armor) and he was incredible 8"5' or two and a half meter. It was said he was the tallest and strongest marine ever since the Emperor himself walked amongst humans. 

 When Charleston was introduced to his legion, he received a special kind of gene seed. Both McKenzie and McGranth had been given the gene seed taken from the Dark Angels legion, but Charleston received the 'flawed' gene seed of the Blood Angels legion. These two legions had been merged to one legion after the Great Slaughter as one part of Imperial history was called, when the Blood Angels and Dark Angels fought side by side against the 12th of the Deamon Lords of Khorne; Juijaeg. The two legions had suffered so great losses that they had to merge to survive and the compromise between them was that they would use the pure gene seed of the Dark Angels, but keep the Blood Angels color scheme. There was much more about this merge, but it takes to much time to explain here. 
 The flaw in the Blood Angel gene seed is that when the marine gets into close combat, he gets an adrenaline shock, so to say, and becomes a hand-to-hand monster. All assault marines of the Death Angels was given this gene seed to improve their abilities in close combat, but it didn't have any real effect on Charleston. (On Kevin Poole on the other hand...) It's decided when a neophyte joins if he's going to become an assault marine or not, and most of Charleston's ancestors had been assault marines. 

  In training, Charleston proved to be a lousy shot. It wasn't that he had a bad seeing he just couldn't handle the bolter to the maximum. He preferred the short-ranged bolt pistol before the bolter and was thus given a place amongst the scouts as biker. He learned to drive his bike to the maximum, and this was knowledge that was going to prove very useful. He also spent much time with his two friends, but he also got to know all the others of the company, and Charleston seemed to have a natural thing for remembering names. 

 As Charleston became a fully-fledged battle-brother, he began the hard training as jump-pack equipped assault marine. It was hard in the beginning, but he learned quickly. The training with jump-packs was varied with driving bikes and land speeder hovercrafts. Ed liked driving the magnetic levitation land speeders, as long as he was the driver. The gunner could be someone better than him on shooting. His worst nightmare was the Tornado-class land speeders, which required that the driver manned one of the guns. This was the reason that Ed chose to become a jump-packer all his time. 
 After twenty years of warfare in the name of the Emperor as assault marine, Ed was given the rank of Veteran Sergeant. He was very proud of his Terminator Honors. To reflect the fact that he was now a Veteran Sergeant, he exchanged his old weaponry: a bolt pistol and a chain-sword, for a plasma pistol and a power sword. He was also transferred from 8th assault company (Kevin Poole's company at that time) to 2nd battle company. When Kevin Poole turned traitor with his company, a new 8th company had already been started. Captain Edmund Charleston was the obvious choice as new commander of the company and he was named the new Lieutenant Commander of the 8th assault company. The new 8th was much smaller than the older, but it would become larger by time, as new recruits were added every year. 
(With this I mean about five or six every year). 
 Charleston's first mission as Lieutenant Commander was to support 1st and 2nd company in the attempted liberation of Armageddon. The campaign failed, but they stopped many Berzerkers in that campaign. The only problem was that the Berzerkers became more and more as the other legions of Space Marines throughout the Imperium suffered from the same happening, but not on the same scale. In time, the Berzerker horde had grown from 900 warriors, to the almost horrible size of 3,000 warriors. The 8th company, which still was being restored, suffered large losses in the campaign. It was reduced to merely a hundred fighting men. This was in the end of the campaign, so after the Armageddon campaign, the 8th was allowed to look for new recruits and try to restore its size as fast as possible. 
 In the campaign, Charleston saved his commander from being killed by Lord Kevlinn, and also got a reputation for being extremely ferocious in close combat, even though the flawed gene seed wasn't a cause in this. The reason Charleston was such a good fighter and ferocious close combatant was that he hated the Berzerkers, nothing else. 

 After the Outlaws disappearance, the 8th assault company had gained some size, and the times the Kevlinn attacked Armageddon, Charleston was there along with his 8th company to support the Steel Legions of Armageddon. He led many successful assaults in those days, and Commissar Sebastian Yarrick after one very hard campaign granted him the sign of Armagon, deity of Armageddon. Lord Kharn had attacked Armageddon with the aid of orks and it had almost worked. Though Charleston and Yarrick had been in the way, it hadn't meant that losses had been light. It had been one of the bloodiest campaigns throughout Imperial history. 
 Charleston had also begun training assault marines to his company and he became vary popular amongst the young initiates, mainly because of his sense of humor and way of making it fun to learn tactics. 

 When the joined forces of Kharn, the Dark Eldar and Hive Fleet Behemoths Genestealers attacked the Imperial capitol and palace on Secondus, Charleston and his 8th assault company, now at the impressive size of 600 soldiers, was into the fray first of all.  It was rumored that Charleston killed a hundred Berzerkers that day, but you know how it is with rumors. It was with great dismay that he had to issue the order to fall back when the foe got to numerous. As he took a last view of the battlefield before joining McKenzie and McGranth at the warp-gate, he saw how Commissar Sebastian Yarrick was cut down and thrown down onto the ground as a limp doll. He cursed himself for not acting when he could have had. The only thing Charleston never told McGranth and McKenzie about how Sebbie died was that it was Kharn who'd killed him. This was a secret Charleston decided to keep for him. If he'd told the other two about it, they would never have gotten off the planet. It was best to let someone else crave revenge for Sebbie's life. 
 And someone sure did, right? 

Here follows the data on Charleston at the Outlaws first appearance: 

Name: Edmund Charleston aka Big Ed.
Age: 224 years 
Rank: Lieutenant Commander 
Legion: Angel of Death 
Forces under his control: 8th Death Angel company. (About 200 of the Emperor's finest) 
Contacts: Other companies in his legion and fellow marines in other legions. 
Campaigns: Over 300, at least. Has seen extremely much action. 
Battle Record: Has been at the forefront of fighting in any major campaign lately. Rumored to have yelled at Lord Kevlinn on Armageddon that he'd never let the Berzerker Lord pass by him. (Charleston was standing at the gates of Infernus Hive at that moment) 
Other Stuff: Uses the volatile plasma pistol and a power sword. He loves his jump-pack over anything (except his friends). Drives the bikes and land speeders well too.

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