Grand Commander Eddie McGranth 

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 Born in a well known Space Marine family, McGranth found it quite obvious for him to join the Legion his family had always belonged to, the Death Angels. His uncle had just died as Eddie had joined as a Scout, or to put it in the terms of the Adeptus Astartes (this is the Space Marines designation in the Administratum), a Neophyte. Eddie didn´t feel disheartened by this, instead he worked on even harder than before, and he soon became a sergeant amongst the Scouts.  McGranth didn´t know, but his uncle had left behind a suit of Terminator armour, and this suit was still usable. His uncle, James McGranth, had been a Terminator Captain, and Dante thought it would be suitable that young Eddie McGranth was to carry it after his uncle, directly. Eddie, on the other hand, was still unaware of this. 

 Just before McGranth became a fully fledged adept of the legion, he acieved his Terminator Honours. This was world record, one could say. And it was now Kevin Poole began feeling discomforted by Eddie. He didn´t like him to rival on his right to take over after Dante. Poole had gotten his Terminator Honours rather early too, but not as early as McGranth. He was now at rank of Captain, commander of an entire company of the Emperors finest warriors. And it did little better that Dante handed over the honour to McGranth personally. On that same festival day, the day of the Emperors Ascension six years later, Dante formally announced Poole as his successor and that McGranth was to be trained as a Terminator Marine. Poole was enraged by this but masked it well. They both enjoyed themselves on the following parties and competitions of strength that are every year on the day of the Emperors Acsension. Poole and Charleston ended up in a draw, but the story of that festival is another. 
 (This day is celebrated in memory to when the Emperor handed over the control of the other solarsystems to the repsective High Lords in the other 10 systems) 

 McGranth served his Legion just as well as Poole did, if not better, cause he rose through the ranks to Lieutenant Commander on a record time. One could say McGranth and Poole had some sort of competition between each other, but they didn´t. McGranth knew very well that Poole was to succeed Dante, so he didn´t care to much about it. But Poole did, and saw McGranth, and later on also Charleston, as a threat. He didn´t want any rivals and that was when things started to go wrong, horribly wrong. 

 When McGranth heard that Poole had been declared Outlaw by Dante because of a small incident in the canteen, he tried to convince Dante it was nothing. They´d had such brawls before, Dante knew it well. Dante didn´t, however, change his mind. And therefore, McGranth was sorry to see Poole declared Outlaw. In his heart, he saw up to Kevin Poole, who was an extrodinary leader. He had once taught Eddie how to throw a grenade rightly, in Neophyte stage, but he believed Poole had pushed away that memory. 

 Five years after Poole and the forces under his command was declared Outlaw by Dante, Grand Commander Dante personally lead an assault against a Hive Fleet base, on an until now unknown planet. The Eldar had knewn of it but they hadn´t told any of the Imperial Lords about it. When Dante landed on the planet, he thought that Lost Hope was a suitable name, as it after all was controlled by Hive Fleet Kanker. He didn´t know that the Eldar had dubbed it Saim Hann, Green Death, but Dante and the Imperium would learn, the hard way. 
  As they stormed the main base of the Hive Fleet, Dante was attacked from behind by an enourmous Hive Queen, Leesha as she was called. Captain David Edwards was, along with a seven strong squad of Tactical Marines, the only survivors. He´d been able to save Dante´s body though, so the Grand Commander could have a proper burial. 
 The entire of the Imperium was in sorrow over this loss, most so McGranth, who now had to take over after Dante, as he was second in command after him as long as Poole was in Outlawhood. So it was with great dismay acctually, that Lieutenant Commander Eddie McGranth to over the control of the Death Angel Space Marine Legion. He knew that no-one could take over before he was dead, and he had a creepy feeling Kevin Poole would see fit that he was the next Grand Commander, not McGranth. 
  To put things short, and spare you of boredom, let´s just say that Poole wasn´t all to happy with Dante´s death. He was at that moment on Armageddon, and as mentioned in his data-file, he turned his back upon the Imperium and turned to the Lord of Skulls instead. He and his forces now truly lived up to the name of Berzerkers, as they´d chosen to be called under their Outlawhood. 

 When McGranth recieved word that over 700 of the Death Angels had turned against the Imperium, he was enraged. Kevlinn could have completed his task and returned, because McKenzie had said he´d seen in some ancient script, that the control of a Adeptus Astartes Legio could be given over to another officer under certain conditions. McGranth swore upon the name of the Emperor he would take Armageddon back from the clutches of Chaos, and in that he meant he would kick some Berzerker you-know-what, bigtime. 

What follows, describes in short how well this went, and how McGranth got his scar. 

 The landfall on Armageddon had gone well, very well. As McGranth and a squad of Terminators, along with Charleston and a ten-strong squad of Assault Marines got into the Tower of Doom itself, they were attacked by an overwhelming force of Berzerkers. The Terminators fought at the front and the jump pack equipped Assault Marines attacked the traitors from behind. In the confusion that followed, McGranth and Charleston was cut off from their squads by the worst thinkable foe; Jump pack equipped Berzerkers. 
 These special Berzerkers were all equipped with power axes and swords too, so it made the fight extremely dangerous, not only for Charleston, but for McGranth too. The jump pack Berzerkers drove the two loyal Marines against a trap-door, and of course the twosome falled into it. 
 Charleston and McGranth ended up in the 'seller' of the Tower of Doom. Down there they saw, when McGranth turned on the built-in lights of his suit of armour, the Deamon possessed lot of the Berzerkers, the ones that had been driven over the edge and were completly mad by bloodlust. It appeared that they had been possessed long before Poole turned traitor, so it must have been a well guarded secret. 
 These half-animals reacted on the loyal Marines and started chasing them. McGranth and Charleston ran for their lives, but to no avail. They were at final caught, but instead of being eaten alive by the possessed ones, they were dragged before Kevlinn himself. 
 In McGranth´s eyes, Poole had changed incredibly much, and he had it hard to believe that this traitor could take over one of the most loyal Space Marine Legions. He couldn´t give over control of the Death Angels to this maniac. So when Kevlinn told him to leave over command of the Death Angels, McGranth denied. In turn, Kevlinn tried to take out McGranth´s left eye with his, by now claw-like, power fist. The crackling of energy as Kevlinn tried to rip out McGranth´s eye acctually frieghtened Charleston. The Lieutenant Commander ripped hismelf free of the grip of the possessed ones, rushed forward and grabbed his commander by the waist and put the jump pack on full blast and flew out of the roof of the Tower of Doom. And so, McGranth´s life was saved by his most loyal soldier ever, Lieutenant Commander Edmund Charleston, called Big Ed for short. 
 This incident left McGranth with a hideous scar over his left eye. A reminder of that Lord Kevlinn would never come back to the Imperium, and that he, Eddie Alexander McGranth, was one of the few that would stand in Kevlinn´s way. 

 After this, it was calm for many years. Kevlinn went down to small raids and assaults, nothing big, like a planet size war or so. McGranth knew that he was biding his time. The strike would come from the traitor of traitors, the only question was when? 
 The answer was soon to come, as several planets in the Secondus system was attacked by Berzerkers. Apparently, Kevlinn had gotten allies, in Hive Fleet Kanker and the Plague Marines. His own forces had also grown stronger, as he´d begun growing his own Berzerkers, so to say. Let´s not go in too far, but some Sister Sororitas was of the blood-thirsty kind too, and they too joined the horde of Berzerkers. Deamons were also a common sight, as more and more of the Warp-beings appeared. 
 Not only the Secondus-system had been infected. Several other systems, that were guarded by other Space Marine Legions, were also assaulted. But not by Deamons or Berzerkers, but by Hive Fleet Kanker and Behemoth. Kanker had been spawned from Behemoth, and these two had a close bond to each other. Kanker wasn´t as powerful as Behemoth, but a frightening foe none-the-less. 
 The Imperium was now assaulted on all sides by enemies, and the ones that stood between the Imperium and utter destruction was the Space Marine Legions and the Imperial Guard armies. 

 The ice-planet Volrath was almost overrun by Tyranids. In difference to the other planets, which had good defences, Volrath was only a fuel-depot and research station, and so didn´t have a very good defence. The planetary defence of Volrath consisted of one regiment of Imperial Guard and a tenth of a Sisters of Battle Order, the Winged Roses, led by Colonel Watson and Canoness Nazz. It was no suprise when this planet was assaulted by a Genestealer Cult. McGranth siezed the opportunity well, and told his fellow warriors they would help the Sisters of Battle and Guardsmen from the Genestealer threat. 
  When the Space Marine force, four entire companies, arrived the planet was all but overrun. The four companies of Death Angels were reinforced by two regiments of Callidus Imperial Guard, led by Commissar Rolf Yarrick. It was now that McKenzie recieved his orders to complete Yarrick´s training. 
 When the most of the Genestealers had been beaten back, McGranth had a talk with McKenzie about the rather extrodinary human that Yarrick was. He´d survived the freezing cold and the wounds he´d gotten. How could this be? McKenzie told Eddie that he thought Yarrick was a half-breed, half Space Marine and half normal man. This meant he was going to life long, very long, be very strong, in body, mind and heart and also never age as a normal man would. 
 McGranth was astonished by this. He knew of half-breeds, but they were usually taken care of by the Inquisition. They were also extremely rare. So rare, that the ones that were half-breeds were called Blessed by the Emperor. 
  After the Volrath incident, McGranth and his forces took care in defending their home-planet Ichar and nearby planets. As the Outlaws came, it seemed like the entire of the Berzerker horde crumbled away. 

 After the Outlaws disapperance, McGranth had a meeting council with other Grand Commanders. They told him they hadn´t had so very bid troubles in driving away the Tyranids. Eddie warned them of the Genestealer Cults, and the other Commanders understood. 
 When McGranth returned home after the meeting, things seemed calm for about twenty years, when Kevlinn returned under a new name, Lord Kharn, in honour to the Deamon Lord possessing him. Lord Kharn seemed obssessed in taking back Armageddon, and there was many wars on this planet, a planet completly torn apart by war. 
 All the times, Kharn was thwarted by the Death Angels Legion and the Armageddon Steel Legions under Commissar General Rolf Yarrick´s command. This cooled down Kharn a bit, and the attacks ceased. However, he hadn´t stopped, and what later came was at first considered small raids, but it was to be tests. 

 So happens, Yarrick got tired of the attacks, and wanted back the life as a farmer, but he still would work in the Imperial Army. He passed over control of Armageddon to another family and went home to Callidus. McGranth understood why, as any normal man, be he even a half-breed, couldn´t live with a life of eternal warfare like a Space Marine. Another reason must have been that Yarrick finally began thinking of his family´s survival, and as he was the last living Yarrick, it was pretty crucial. It took him many years, but he found a wife and, believe it or not, McGranth was choosen best man for the wedding. For Eddie, it was Yarrick´s way of showing how much he trusted in him. 
 But life wasn´t going to treat anyone good for long, and McKenzie´s almost constant talking of the coming Fall, made McGranth seriously worried about Rolfie. His hunches was verified when McKenzie told of the sudden Warp-presence on Callidus. This was about a hundred years after the latest Battle for Armageddon. 
 As written elsewhere, Kharn appeared on Callidus and duelled with Yarrick. It ended in Kharn having a deep flesh wound in his shoulder and Yarrick loosing his right hand. Just as Kharn was going to deal the killing blow to Yarrick, McGranth and co came, and McGranth stood himself between Kharn and the wounded commissar. Kharn understood he was outnumbered, and retreated back to the Warp, telling Yarrick they would deal some other place, some other time, and he swore they would do so, in the name of the God of Blood. Despite McKenzie´s protests, Yarrick got up on his feet, pushed by McGranth and shouted after Kharn, that he wouldn´t rest before Kharn was dead, in the Name of the Emperor of Mankind. Just as he´d done on Armageddon, 120 years earlier, but this time his right arm was bleeding heavily. McGranth gripped his frenzied friend by his left arm and reminded him of his other life. 

(The story of Yarrick´s family and his way of outliving two of his children and one wife is another) 

 The years after Rolf Yarrick had passed away was hard for Eddie. He´d seen the commissar general as the brother he´d never had. It´s a little known fact, but McGranth and Yarrick were blood-brothers. McGranth also had a hard time accepting that Sebastian was much more different than his grand-father. But in the end, the two got to be just as good friends and as Eddie had been with Rolf Yarrick. They worked well together out on the field, and were the perfect pair, but Eddie knew that both Rolf and Sebastian Yarrick trusted the most in McKenzie. And he didn´t envy Edward for that. Instead, McGranth was glad for this, as McKenzie too needed someone to fully trust. 

 The Warp seemed eeriely calm until the day of the Fall that McKenzie had forseen would come. Eddie knew they were fighting for a hopeless sake, but all he could do was fight like he knew nothing about the future. In the Secondus system, McGranth led the forces of teh Imperium together with Sebastian, and it came as a great shock to him that Sebastian had been killed by a Dark Eldar laser cannon shot, but Charleston had underestimated the Iron Will of the Yarrick family, and Sebastian had, against all odds, survived it. When Kharn´s troops later on made a survivor search out on the field, they found the old commissar alive and brought him before Kharn. What happened with poor Sebbie, is left to your imagiantion, but needless to say, I have worked out the entire story for what happened after the Siege of the Emperor´s Palace. 

 McGranth now life as a normal life he can with his Space Marine powers, here on Terra, aka Earth. So if you see a man about 6 feet tall, with the same mosutache as McGranth, you can never know. It may be the famous Grand Commander. ^_~ 

(Here´s the obligatory info on the character, taken when the Outlaws showed up) 

Name: Eddie McGranth
Rank: Grand Commander (also planetary Governor of Ichar)
Age: 224
Legion: Angel of Death
Forces under his control: The entire of the Death Angels Legion
Contacs: The other ten Adeptus Astarted Legions and the Imperial Guard
Campaigns: 239
Battle record: Has been able to queese the most rebellions on Ichar and has been able to 
stop most of the Berzerker attacks
Other stuff: Is utterly fearless, has a horrible scar over his left eye. Uses a master crafted Storm Bolter and Power Axe which is also master crafted. Is quite agile in his Terminator suit.

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