Commissar Rolfīs Data File

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Rolf Yarrick was born in a simple farmer army on Callidus.
His father was a Sergeant in the XXVII Callidus Guardsmen army, and Yarrick was very proud over this.
He was also a protector from birth. If some bully in school teased some kid, Yarrick was not far away. He was oftenly at the principalīs office, but he got out of the mess by telling the truth about the bullie. And thatīs another important part of Commissar Rolf Yarrick. He never lied.

He lived a happy life, till one day.....

When he came home from a friends house, about 60 miles from his own (Callidus is an agri-world and is very sparsely populated), he found his home on fire. He was a 14 year old youngster and didnīt know anything about the raging war against the Chaos Marines, or the Berzerkers as they are known to you.
All he belived in, all his faith in the universe as a happy place, was destroyed with that fire. His family was killed in the flames, and there was nothing he could do.
Amongst the flames, he saw the siluette of a Space Marine. It walked up to him, and revealed itself to be Lord Kevlinn. Kevlinn looked down on Rolf Yarrick and said he was lucky.
"I want you to become a formidable foe, before I kill you." Kevlinn said and disappeared. And ever since that day, Rolf Yarrick has hated Kevlinn for what he did.

As Rolf Yarrick realized what had happened, he fled away from his past. He ended up in Vindaree. There, he went for becoming the best soldier ever. He advanced in the ranks, and one day, the colonel for his platoon, told him that Yarrick could go to commissar training.
"Youīve got the right personality. A callous one that never gives up." was the colonels words.

And so it was, Ensign Rolf Yarrick became Commissar Rolf Yarrick. But, his sorrow hadnīt come to an end along with his family. His new family was the other trainees at the Commissariat. His new father was Commissar General Chomaki (pronounced= Komakee).
Yarrick was one of the best students Chomaki ever had, and so one day, Yarrick got to follow Chomaki on a battle against the Berzerkers. They both killed many of the Chaos scum, but when vitory was within the grasp of XXVII Callidus Guardsmen army (which Chomaki was the leader of) Chomaki was shot in the head by a bolter. Yarrickīs rage over this is hard to describe, but I can say he out- berserkered the Berzerkers. When the battle was over, no-one dared to go near him. His sword was soaked in the tainted blood of the Berzerkers.

When he came back to Vindaree, he found out that he was the new governor of Callidus. Chomaki had a will, that declared that if he died before Yarricks completion of training, Yarrick was going to inherit all that Chomaki had owned. That meant that Commissar Trainee Rolf Yarrick, at the age of 21, became Commissar General Rolf Yarrick, with the control over XXVII Callidus Guardsmen, 15% of the Imperial Navy and he was also the new governor over Callidus.
He made his home on Callidus, not far from his old home. His first campaign was one set on the ice-planet Volrath. There, in the freezing cold, he met McGranth, McKenzie and Charleston for the first time. They became good friends, but they lost contact when the joined forces of Hive Fleet Kanker and Lord Kevlinnīs Berzerkers attacked. Thatīs when he first met the Space Outlaws of the Omega Squadron. (You know who)

After the disappearence of the Space Outlaws, Commissar Yarrick was also the governor of Armageddon. He was almost the new Emperor. He was a living legend. Savior of Armageddon. A heroes hero. A man among men. And yet, he didnīt seem to age. He died at the increbidle age of 253 years. Some say he was half Space Marine, others say that he was blessed by the Emperor. No one really knows why he died so suddenly. His hair was steel-gray in the end of his life but he didnīt age otherwise. He was as agile when he was 25. And when he died, McKenzie had constructed a special armour-ball for him.
An armour-ball that stored his spirit and his weaponry. The coat was also stored in there and so was his peaked commissarīs cap. McKenzie knew the future well, but was wowed to silence about it. Though it is a little known fact, Yarrick could have lived for many hundred years more, if Kharn hadnīt cut his right hand off. Because, when it was replaced with a bionic one, the half gene-strand of a Space Marine that he had, was destroyed, and he began to age.

Commissar Rolf Yarrickīs ownings was split up on his four sons. But only one followed in his foot-steps. Frederick Yarrick also became a known commissar, and his son carried on the legacy; Commissar Sebastian Yarrick. But the Yarrick family came to an end at the Battle of Secondus 2. Sebastian was killed by Dark Eldar artillery at the age of 65 and he had no children.

The rest, you already know.

And now some short info on Rolf Yarrick, taken at the time when he met the Space Outlaws for the first time:

Name: Rolf Yarrick
Rank: Commissar General (only use Commissar when addressing him)
Age: 27
Forces under his control: XXVII Callidus Guardsmen army, 15% of the Imperial Navy
Contacs: Space Outlaws of the Omega Squadron. Officio Assainorium Callidus Temple
Campaigns: 10
Battle record: Has been the leader of all five seiges upon Armageddon. Last one successful.
Other stuff: One of the few commissars that still uses the lasgun instead of any other weapons that are to the disposal to commissars. Carries the ancient Yarrickian Sword, and uses it with incredible effiency

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