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Kevin Poole was born on the hive world Ichar. He lived somewhere between the upper hive-city and the lower hive, the so called UnderHive, home of many scum and heretics.
He was born with the genestrand of a Space Marine and at the age of 15, he was taken up as a Marine Trainee in the Legion known as the Angels of Death. He served his Legion well, and the Grand Commander, Michael Dante, even promised him to become his successor one day, but something went horribly wrong.....

Poole had never liked McGranth and his two friends, and to make things worse, they we´re also taken up into the Angels of Death Legion. There was no problems in the beginning. McKenzie was sent to Lexicanum training pretty early in his duty, and Charleston was to be trained as an Assault Marine, so he left early too. But McGranth was still in ordinary training with Poole. Poole didn´t like him at all. They oftenly had small fights between each other, which always ended with Dante seperating them. Mostly by force.
The day when Poole was told he was going to be Dante´s successor, he got so proud of this, that he ignored McGranth for a couple of years.
Then came the next shock...

McGranth had only been in for about 6 years, when he was sent away to Terminator traning. This part of the Space Marine army is only for the absolute elites, but in some way, McGranth had caught Dante´s eyes and he was sent to Terminator training. Poole was outraged about this.
How could McGranth be sent to the 1st Company elites, when he, Kevin Poole, had at least two years more of training?
But Poole got over this when Dante told him that he was still going to be his successor. Or did he?

McGranth and Charleston came back almost at the same time, two years later. Both McGranth and Charleston had the same rank as Poole. The rank of Lieutenant Commander. Poole couldn´t hold back his envy agains McGranth for long, and one day, at breakfast, Poole jumped on McGranth with hideous roar. The other Marines present described Pooles roar as: "So horrible, that it could not have been human."
The two started fighting, and it ended with McGranth being knocked unconcious. He was taken to medical-care and Poole was taken to Dante´s chamber.
In there, Poole got explained to him, that he was not worthy any more of the name Space Marine Legionaire. He, and his entire company at his command, was declared Outlaws. This is said to be the largest Outlaw declaration in the history of the Imperium.
In this dishonour, Poole had to repaint his armour and so did his entire company. He choosed a dark red color and gold trims on the shoulder pads. As his company had always been wearing different armour from the rest of the Legion, this just distanced them more from the Angels of Death. But Dante also added, that if Poole completed a couple of tasks in a certain amount of years, he and his company was welcomed back. Poole said that he would do it, and that Dante could count on him.

Poole became very famous because of his deeds. The name of the Berzerkers, which was the name Poole had given to his company under their Outlawhood, was spread through the Imperium. Whenever problems in the form of rebellions or Hive Fleets appeared, the Berzerkers were soon to help the Guardsmen. As they were Outlaws, they were not allowed to fight alongside Space Marines, but Poole didn´t mind. It looked like Kevin Poole were to complete his task he was set upon, but it didn´t go that way...........

5 years after Poole was declared Outlaw with his company, Dante died in an assault against a Hive Fleet base. The new leader of the Death Angels Legion was to be McGranth. Poole soon recived word about this, and it is said that he killed the messenger with his bare hands. So great was his rage upon this that he gathered his entire company of Berzerkers and told them all of this treachery. He also told them that they were surely not going to be taken up as Space Marines again, because Dante were the only one who knew about their mission. He also added that the Emperor was a false leader, a leader which wasn´t even battle-worthy.
Why did humanity follow a weak person like Emperor Sigismund? No, the true leader of everything was Khorne (or Khaine as you know him), God of Battles. He ended the speech with a roaring shout;
"Blood For The Blood God!!!" and his troops all echoed; "Skulls For The Skull Throne!!"
And thus, as Lieutenant Kevin Poole became a true devotee of the God of Battles, he took a new name; Lord Kevlinn.

The first they did was to make a raid against the Eldar Craftworld known as Iyanden. There, Lord Kevlinn stole the adamantine battle-axe of Khaine. He was now almost invincible. All he needed was a planet to live on. He choosed the Ash-planet Armageddon, which was not prepared for such an assault. It was easily overthrown and Kevlinn made his first allies there; the Plague Marines of Nurgle, God of Decay. He also got his hands on some cruisers, and even the famous Imperator class battlecruiser Styx, sister ship of Cardinal Boras.

The 200 years that followed, Kevlinn didn´t make any real changes. He and his 700 warriors caused great mayhem on nearby planets and he also allied with Hive Fleet Kanker. He was the ultimate warrior, until the Eds (our Eds, that is) showed up.
He also met Commissar Rolf for the first time in single combat, and created a enourmous hatred against this human. Kevlinn had a new arch-enemy; Commissar Rolf Yarrick, which he could have killed many years ago.

After the Eds disappeared, Kevlinn was gone for about 20 years, until he came back!
He called himself Kharn , in honour to the Deamon that had possessed him, and welded a mighty double-handed axe, more powerful than the Axe of Khaine. He had new allies: the Dark Eldar; the Thousand Sons of Tzeentch, God of Magic and Wisdom; and the Noise Marines of Slaanesh, God of Rapture and Jokes.
The other followers of the Dark Gods (i.e Tzeentch, Nurgle and Slaanesh) had appeared in the wake of the Berzerkers and they all saw Kharn as their leader, no matter what god they followed. The first thing he tried was to recapture Armageddon, but guess who thwarted him?
Right. Commissar Rolf Yarrick. He´d gotten older, but he was still a great close-combatant. He almost killed Kharn, but Kharn managed to flee into the Warp. Kharn swore upon his patron god that he wouldn´t give up that easily, and Yarrick answered with swearing upon his family name and in the name of the Emperor, that he wouldn´t rest until Kharn was dead, even if it so meant to return from beyond the grave. The two only met once more before Yarrick past away. It was on Callidus, were Yarrick´s childhood home had been. 120 years after their last meeting.

Yarrick was there to have some time for himself and to gather his thoughts. Kharn was there to do battle with Yarrick. They both knew the other one would show up, and thus Yarrick had brought his weapons.
Lord Kharn and Commissar Rolf Yarrick attacked each other. Kharn with all the might in his abysmal deep hatred against Yarrick, and the same went for Yarrick. They fought long and hard, till Yarrick got in a stab with his adamantine sword in Kharn´s left shoulder. Kharn screamed out and answered it with cutting off Yarrick´s right hand. He left the Imperial Commissar and entered the Warp, with the shouts of cowardice coming from Yarrick ringing in his ears. He ignored them. He knew that McGranth and the other two were there too.
"We´ll meet once more, in the future, Yarrick!" Kharn thought to himself as he walked into in the Warp.

And that is the story of Lord Kharn. Who knows? Maybe he is still on Secondus 2, cursing about Yarrick, who he never got to kill? He doesn´t know, but we do, that Yarrick´s oath was as true as the sun shines in July, right? Yarrick won´t rest until Kharn is dead.

Here´s some short info on Lord Kevlinn, taken at the time when the Eds showed up in their solar system:

Name: Kevlinn
Real name: Kevin Poole
Rank: Berzerker King (Though he´s addressed Lord)
Age: 226
Forces under his control: The Berzerker army, i.e 700 warriors. (One Berzerker equals almost 20 Guardsmen)
Contacts/Allies: The Thousand Sons of Tzeencth; the Plague Marines of Nurgle; the Noise Marines of Slaanesh; Hive Fleet Kanker.
Campaigns: 100-200 *No one really knows*
Battle record: Have been the main factor behind four heresies, have also destroyed at least four planets entire Guardsmen forces.
Other: Has no ranged weaponry at all. He´s wearing power armour, welds the Axe of Khaine and has a power-fist mounted on his left arm.

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