Commissar Rolf Yarrick

Commissar Rolf Yarrick may be taken in any Imperial Guard army of at least 2,000 points. 
He counts as one HQ choice and may lead the army. 
He uses the listed equipment and may be given no additional equipment. 
(Note: Commissar Rolf doesn´t follow the normal rules for Commissars)

Unit name Points Cost WS BS S T W I A Ld Save
Commissar Rolf         215 5/6 4 4 3 3 5 3/4 10 4+(I)





Wargear: Yarrickian Sword, Home-made lasgun and Master Crafted laspistol, Trademark Item.

Special Rules:

Hates Chaos: Commissar Rolf Yarrick´s family was killed by Chaos Marines, and therefore he has a abysmal deep hatred against the Traitors. To represent this, Commissar Rolf gains +1S and +1T against Chaos Space Marines.

Half Breed: By some odd mutation, Commissar Rolf Yarrick has got the strength of a fully grown Space Marine. He therefore got a base strength of S4.

Fearless: Commissar Rolf doesn´t even know the meaning of the word fear, and thus he passes any Morale Check or Pinning test called upon to take.

Dodge: Commissar Rolf Yarrick is incredibly agile and can even dodge away from enemy shots. To represent this, he has got a 4+ Invulnerable Save.

Home-made Lasgun: Never really relying on the Imperial Guards weapons and his inability to accept that the lasgun is for Guardsmen, not Commissars, Commissar Rolf Yarrick has modified his lasgun so it has the same profile as a bolter: R:24" S:4 AP:5 Rapid Fire

The Yarrickian Sword: This is an ancient sword, which has been passed down over the years in the Yarrick family from father to first-born son. Oddly enough, Rolf Yarrick was the last one seen welding this ancient blade. The sword can never be touched by Evil and grants the welder +1WS and +1A (included in the profile). It also works as a power weapon, ignoring armour saves. The sword also works like a Holy Relic. (May be shown to the army once per battle)

Iron Will: Apparently, the entire Yarrick family has got an Iron Will. To represent this, when Rolf Yarrick looses his last wound, don´t remove him. Put the model on the side, and on the Imperial Guard players next turn, roll a D6 and on a 4+, he jumps back to his feet with one wound left. 

Independent Character: Commissar Rolf is an Independent Character, and follows the rules applying to those in the W40K rulebook.

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