Project Demonsar: Jonathan Vannheim

Full Name: Jonathan Alexander Vannheim
Home-world: <classified by order of the Scientologists>
Height: 2m25
Weight: 96 kilos
Age: 32 <He was last reported nearly five years ago>
Occupation: Political Officer
Haircolour: Chestnut brown
Eyecolour: Dark brown

Character:  Not much is known of Vannheim as a person. What is known is fragments from soldiers he has commanded. They tell of a quiet, calm man, but an aggressive such, which is often the case with zampolits. It is though thought he is slow to resort to violence, but this isn't sure. He has been known to befriend the men he commands and puts on a straight down unorthodox way of leading. However, the Community cares for not much more than loyalty and to get the job done, and that Vannheim has showed up being an exemplary character. Command without doubt, obedience without hestitation, Vannheim truly embodies these words, but he often puts some sort of thought into his actions. 

History: Nothing has been heard of him since he was stationed on one of the Demon Worlds, where it is believed he encountered the Scientologists for the first time. Since then, the Scientologists have denied the mere existence of this man. What has happened with Vannheim is unsure, but lately the Scientologists have begun murmuring something of a new weapon to use of the Community. They call it Project Demonsar, reasons unknown.

Personal Motto: The Ends Justifies the Means

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