Richard and Jessica Tettler

Full Name: Richard Charles Tettler
Home-world: Anglo-Saxian Sys3 
Height: 1m84
Weight: 95 kilos
Age: 65 
Occupation: Political officer/Zampolit (retired)
Haircolour: Silver grey (Once it was black)
Eyecolour: Emerald green (has no right eye)

Character: Considered something of a stogie by his younger colleagues, Richard still has incredible imagination. Some say this is due to his daughter, keeping him going. He rarely revolts to the use of violence. Despite this, he is a good fighter, able to keep his head cool through most things. This also applies to his job; Chief Investigator in the Murder Squad. Tettler uses his wits instead of brawn, which has it's base in his advanced age. Combine this with exptensive political knowledge, many people have understood that you can't fool or outwit Richard Tettler. 

History: Son of a worker, Richard soon chose to become a man of the Commissariat. He wanted to prove himself, and despite coming from a rather un-educated family, he is now counted as one of the most resourceful and intelligent amongst the political officers in the entire N-SGI. He married at 35 years of age, had a daughter with his wife, Angela, but lost his wife to cancer when their daughter, Jessica, was only 8 years old. The Community many times told Tettler that an orphanage should take care of Jessie, but Richard resisted. When Jessica was 12 years old, her father came home with a mechanic lower left leg. Tettler retired from service in the Red Army, and has spent the last 15 years serving as an investigator. 

Personal Motto: You're never older than you feel. 

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Full Name: Jessica Angela Tettler
Home-world: Central sys2
Height: 1m78
Weight: 66 kilos
Age: 27 
Occupation: <none>
Haircolour: Dark brown
Eyecolour: Emerald green

Character: Jessica Tettler is a smart young woman. Just like her father, she rarely uses violence, but that doesn't mean she can't pack a punch. Lean and beautiful, many men has found there's more to Jessica than a beautiful face and bod. Because behind her face, there's a cold, calculating mind, just like her father's. Despite this, she is warm and caring. Her father is her all, along with her boyfriend Ivan. And she protects the two no matter what. 

History: Only child of Zampolit Tettler, Jessica learned form early childhood the ways of the Community, and has from that learned to use it to her ends. She follows closely in her father's tracks, though the old man doesn't like it. Neither does he like her choice of boyfriend: Zampolit Volodnikov. However, Jessica has persuaded her father to let them be. She is openly against the way some workers are treated, despite everbody should be of equal worth. 

Personal Motto: There's always a way.

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