Scientologist Morgun Pollux

Full Name: Morgun Efias Pollux
Home-world: <classified by order of the Scientologists>
Height: 2m02
Weight: 95 kilos
Age: 37 
Occupation: Scientologist <non-Community occupation>
Haircolour: Raven black
Eyecolour: Ice blue

Character:  A quiet man, known for his vast knowledge, despite his comparatively young age. Unlike most of his caste, he is not afraid to confront and openly be abusive against Community politicians. Driven by a determination many would classify insanity, Pollux approaches his problems and missions judiciously. He is slow to anger and uses his feelings to a minimum, should they get in the firing line of completing his mission. 

History: Born in an ancient Scientologist family, Pollux was destined to be great from an early age. The fact that he has reality-bending powers only increases his fame. Still, not much is known of his past, being just as shady and elusive on such points as the others of his breed. There are those that whispers that Pollux knows both Humanity's birthplace as well as being involved in the new experiments that have been conducted. 

Personal Motto: Odd is good. Odd means it is of use, one way or another.

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